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building ibus and ibus-mozc

I am build ibus and ibus-mozc. why?

because my ibus-mozc env is worest. shit!!!

basic knowledge

ibus and ibus mozc is different!!!

so, I build the big project twice!!




or you can use git clone the method is modern.I like it(but idont choose it.


see IBus-1.5.14



this step is very suffer to me. I deprived of this step and very painful...


unfortunately,I forget recoding archives,because I am panicked. so I get log only history...

  • cannot found intltool

apt-get install intltool

  • cannot found gtk2.0

apt-get install glib-2.0

  • cannot found gtk3++

I have been suffered from mozilla-central build. so GTK is a friend. not scared.

apt-get install gtk+-3.0

  • cannot found dconf >= 0.75

sudo apt-get install libdconf-dev libnotify-dev

  • cannot found json-glib-1.0

apt-get install libjson-glib-dev



very big. keep in mind.


ibus-mozc was very big. so it consisted of some submodule.

type git submodule update --init

(i forgot update subcommand and init option. I need learning git submodule again. sigh.)

prepare build

in the document, we need some build pre-requirements.

python gyp --target_platform=Linux

some error occurred.

when occurred this error, i installed apt-get install qt5-default because i need GUI Tools.(In the first place, I build to gui isn't running.


CRITICAL: Qt is required to build GUI Tool. Specify --noqt to skip building GUI Tool.

P.S. when error about gtk, I fixed with use follow command apt-get install libglib2.0-dev


if you occuerred error like this

INFO: Running: ninja -C out_linux/Release ibus_mozc mozc_emacs_helper mozc_server mozc_tool mozc_renderer
log: ninja version 0.1.3 initializing
log: magic group: gid=0 (root)
log: entering main loop
log: generating initial pid array..
log: now monitoring process activity

you need

apt-get install ninja-build

I researched same problem,then I discover two solutions.

  • change no root user.

  • apt-get install ninja-build

I am tried two solution at the same time, and succeed to move to next step.

if you succeed to move to next step, you displayed follow log like this.

root@evil:~/Downloads/mozc/src# python build -c Release unix/ibus/ibus.gyp:ibus_mozc unix/emacs/emacs.gyp:mozc_emacs_helper server/server.gyp:mozc_server gui/gui.gyp:mozc_tool renderer/renderer.gyp:mozc_renderer
INFO: Running: ninja -C out_linux/Release ibus_mozc mozc_emacs_helper mozc_server mozc_tool mozc_renderer
ninja: Entering directory `out_linux/Release'
[701/1008] CXX obj/gui/base/gui_base.debug_util.o
../../gui/base/ warning: enumeration value 'QtInfoMsg' not handled in switch [-Wswitch]
  switch (type) {
1 warning generated.
[1008/1008] LINK mozc_server


I was succeed to build mozc and ibus.

and I was succeed to write in english.